A Guide to Popular Architectural Styles for New Homes

archiConstruction of new houses is the dream of a contractor. By doing a little homework the future homeowners can ease that dream. Understanding all the amenities and features is always the simple part, but choosing a particular architectural style can actually help. Here is a guide to some popular selections.


This design is usually a little, 1 or 1-1/2 story construction. It’s very efficient to construct, which is perfect among new houses for couples. The bungalow became popular in the early 1900s, especially in California, in America. It’s a low pitched roof, wide eaves, and a big front porch.


This popular design inspired during the 1700s. It’s 2 or 3 stories and constructed from brick or wood. The front door entry highlighted and is generally focused. Many strategies contain columned porticoes, and the common characteristic among them is the multi-pane, double-hung windows with shutters.


As the layouts are fairly much like each other, the Mediterranean design is occasionally called Spanish Colonial Revival. The outside consists of plaster or stucco, and it’s shallow, red tile roofs. The windows and doors are frequently arched. Elaborate wrought iron grillwork is another characteristic that was common, and the effects on the construction come from Southwestern, Moroccan, Tuscan, Spanish, and Italian villa versions.

Tudor (also called Medieval Revival or Tudor Revival)

This design usually has tall, narrow windows with small panes. In addition, it has a steeply pitched roof. The siding is brick or stucco. The chimney is typically outsized with rocks that are patterned. These residences are reminiscent of medieval English cottages and manor houses. The doors are half-round or arched with ornamental hardware, and these constructions typically have 1-1/2 to 2 stories.

archi 2Victorian

These constructions represent the style of architecture during the reign of Queen Victoria. Nonetheless, what most consider Victorian didn’t become popular until after the 19th century. These buildings come in all shapes and sizes, full of detail, and are romantic. They frequently have pitched patterned shingles, roofs, bay windows, and a front porch.

New American

This design emerged during the prosperous years in the late 20th century. These houses are huge, constructions that are asymmetrical, and this selection will be loved by homeowners seeking big loads. The outside is constructed from flagstone, brick, stucco, or a mixture of all three. It features changing roof lines and oversize windows.

These fashions are only a sampling of what contractors can do for new houses, so research architecture kinds completely to pick the one whose layout best suits your lifestyle.

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